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16 March 2009 @ 05:51 pm
❧| business directory  

A sort of vampiric yellow pages, if you will. This is a listing of bars, clubs, and businesses that are either run by or cater to vampires. You are welcome to use any of these locations for plot- whether you want to visit or pick up a job!

If you have a suggestion you'd like added to the list or if your character would like to own/start a business, let us know!

❧| A-E

Anubis Air A vampire airline and transportation service. Guaranteeing safe travel for its patrons, Anubis offers armed guards during coffin transport and arrival. Anubis promises coffin/baggage delivery to your hotel within three hours of your arrival.

Bat's Wing, The A vampire bar located in Dallas, TX owned by vampire Stan Davis.

Blood Candy A strip-club on Bourbon street in the New Orleans, LA French Quarter that features both human and vampire performers.

Blood in the Quarter, The Located in the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans, LA, The Blood in the Quarter is a popular vampire hotel.
Slogan: "Your coffin away from home."

Club Dead See "Josephine's"

❧| F-J

Fangtasia Fangtasia is a vampire bar that caters mainly to human tourists looking to see a real vampire for themselves. Located in a shopping center near a Toys R Us in Shreveport, LA, It's owned by vampire Eric Northman, and also serves as his headquarters.
Slogans: "Where all your bloody dreams come true.", "Where drinking and biting definitely mix."

Josephine's Also nicknamed "Club Dead", Josephine's is a hidden were/vampire bar located in Jackson, MS that is exclusive to members and their guests.

❧| K-O

Noctis Noctis is a private bar open only to vampires and their guests. Located in the warehouse district of New Orleans, LA, it's invisible to those who don't know that it's there.

❧| P-T

Silent Shore Hotel, The A 'Grand' hotel located in downtown Dallas, TX that has been restored to accommodate Vampires. Features include armed security during the day, mini-fridges stocked with synthetic blood, and live "room service".

Siphon Siphon is a vampire bar located on Rue Decatur in the New Orleans, LA French Quarter. Though it is not vamp- exclusive, it attracts far fewer tourists than the flashier vampire bars and is mostly popular with out of town vampires and fangbangers.

❧| U-Z

Velvet Lair, The A Bourbon Street vampire bar in the New Orleans, LA French Quarter. The Velvet Lair is a tourist-laden establishment decorated in a cliché gothic style that serves an array of vampire themed mixed drinks.

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