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02 April 2009 @ 02:40 pm
❧| plot  

This post is to help mods and players keep track of where we are and what's happening in the game with a very brief synopses. It will be updated as the plot progresses!

❧| plot summary thus far

Two years ago, Japanese scientists invented a 'synthetic blood' product meant for use in hospitals to aid in blood transfusions and the transplant of organs. However, this feat of science had a side-effect that no living human on earth could have foreseen; Vampires, creatures of legend and supposed fiction stepped into the hypothetical light and made themselves known to the world, claiming that synthetic blood (relaunched as "TruBlood", a beverage for vampires) enabled them to function fully without the need to supplement their diet with human blood. In the United States, a conclave was held in New Orleans by a group of elder vampires to discuss the ramifications of TruBlood as well as revealing themselves to the human world.

Shortly after the vampires' coming-out (now being called the "Great Revelation"), A US organization calling themselves the American Vampire League (AVL) emerged. Made up of vampires and human supporters, they fight to push an amendment to the Constitution that would grant vampires rights equal to those of all American citizens. As with any radical movement there are those who support Vampire Rights and those in (sometimes extreme) opposition. Religious leaders and government officials around the world have chosen their sides and a full-on political war has been set into motion.

Two-years later, the world has began to settle into a world in which humans and vampires live simultaneously. Laws have been passed by individual states to accommodate vampiric existence, but the vote is not yet in concerning Vampire Rights and thus the debate still rages and many fanatical anti-vampire organizations still attempt to take the law into their own hands. Feeling that they have sat back and watched long enough, many powerful and ancient vampires begin to migrate toward the lush and decadent city of New Orleans where the first summit was held in order to hold a meeting of their own to discuss what this new existence means for vampire-kind and how those who chose to change things should be dealt with.

Now, old vampires and the perceptive young begin to move toward New Orleans in response to a telepathic vibe.

game start
To be continued...