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❧| mods
10 March 2009 @ 07:24 pm
It is ESSENTIAL that you read these guidelines to be accepted into sanguinarias!

❧| Application Guidelines

♦ Player Info
Name: Your name.
Age: Anyone under 16 will NOT be accepted, sorry.
Journal: Your personal LJ.
Contact: Your email and messenger (preferably AIM or MSN).
Timezone/Availability: Your timezone and when you are/are not online.
Roleplay experience: How long have you been roleplaying, have you played on LJ before, etc. Pretty much whatever you want to tell us.
Fandom: Which fandom is your character from? (Just put n/a for original characters)
Canon familiarity: What point in your fandom's canon are you familiar with? [ie- I've read all the Sookie Stackhouse novels vs. I've seen 2 episodes of True Blood or I've read up to book 4 of the Vampire Chronicles.] Don't worry, this will not factor into your acceptance.

♦ Character Info
Character Name: Your character's full name.
Species: Vampire, Human, Shifter, etc.
Age: Their true age from the year they were born as a mortal.
Rebirth: When they were turned. (Vamp applicable only, of course)
Affiliation: If they're a member of a clan, coven, etc.
Appearance: Physical appearance, style of dress, things of the sort. Please include the age they appear, as well.
Background: Your character's history up until game-start.
Personality: How they act, think, whatever.
Strengths: Better qualities and what they excel at.
Weaknesses: Faults and shortcomings.
Special abilities: If applicable.
Anything else? Anything else we should know.
Third-Person (Log) Sample: Sample tag should be at least 150 words, past tense. It should be in-character and should demonstrate as much of your character's voice as possible. Also, check your spelling and grammar. ♥
First-Person Sample: This sample should be the deciding factor on whether or not you understand your character's voice. You will be interacting with others like this much of the time, so it's very important. Though interaction is possible in first-person, *actions* should be downplayed, but if necessary, they should be in [brackets] or italicized. Journal format is acceptable since your character will be keeping one.

Sample App (OC)Collapse )

❧| Application Form

Using the form below, you may either post your application as a screened reply to this post, or (if it's too long) email it to sanguinarias.rpg{at}gmail{dot}com ♥

Be sure you have read the RULES, FAQ, and GUIDELINES before submitting your application! That is all, and good luck! ♥

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❧| mods
10 March 2009 @ 03:26 am
game infoCollapse )
❧| mods
10 March 2009 @ 03:23 am
If you've read the RULES, INFO, and APP GUIDELINES and still have questions, feel free to comment here and ask. ♥
❧| mods
10 March 2009 @ 03:22 am
1.| This shouldn't even have to be said, but be polite and respectful of other players out of character and keep player drama outside of the community. Just because your character is an asshole doesn't mean you should be.

2.| Be as active as possible! When you apply here, we assume you have the time to post at least once every two weeks, and we expect you to keep up with the threads you start with other people. Dead games suck, and the only way to keep an active, thriving RP is to participate.

3.| When you know you'll be inactive or on hiatus for longer than a week, or if you know you can't participate anymore, you need to notify a mod or leave a comment in the hiatus/drop post. For courtesy's sake, you should also post to bitethenite and let your fellow muns know.

4.| Under no circumstances may you control another player's character without explicit permission. This is called GODMODING and is one of the cardinal sins of roleplaying. If in doubt? Ask.

On that note, no in-game omniscience. While your character may read minds, it's still a bit far-fetched to assume they know everything about everyone all the time.

5.| Do not start interacting with other characters until your application has been approved. This causes a lot of confusion for everyone.

6.| All of your posts and threads should be as in-character as possible. This goes for OC's too; keep them consistent. You've already proven to us in your application that you are capable of this, so please live up to our expectations of you!

6b.| Just as a side note: please also keep the angst to a reasonable level. Yes, it's a valid and seemingly frequent vampire emotion, but angst for the sake of plot can get a bit over the top. Yes Louis, even you

7.| You must be at least 16 years of age to play here. There will definitely be mature themes and content in this game so everything must be clearly marked when posted to the community.

8.| Correct spelling and grammar, especially in logs, is absolutely required. No chatspeak is allowed in the main or logs community except in OOC notes or if it is specifically present in your character's voice.

9.| Currently, the character limitation is 3 per player and at this point you may not play more than one character from the same fandom/series. There may be special exceptions to this rule if you consult the mods, but for now it's to keep interactions as open as possible.

10.| Contact the mods if things get messy IN GAME. It's what we're here for and we can help you with ideas, plot progression, or whatever else. There's no excuse for being inactive because your character has nothing to do!

11.| We welcome and encourage both original and celebrity characters! Playbys may not be used more than once. Check the list of taken PBs here.

12.| It is very important that you lock all explicit and non work-safe material to the community and place it beneath an LJ-cut!

We also STRONGLY advise that you friends lock your personal journal if you are playing a canon character (especially if they happen to belong to a certain A. Rice) to avoid any potential copyright issues. Feel free to stick a disclaimer in your userinfo as well if you want, it certainly couldn't hurt.

13.| Lastly, we operate under a three strikes policy. If you break the rules you get strikes, obviously. We will warn you for minor violations which will not count as strikes unless they are constantly repeated. After your third strike you will lose your characters.

game × info × rules × taken characters × application × reserves × ooc × contact list [locked]