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It is ESSENTIAL that you read these guidelines to be accepted into sanguinarias!

❧| Application Guidelines

♦ Player Info
Name: Your name.
Age: Anyone under 16 will NOT be accepted, sorry.
Journal: Your personal LJ.
Contact: Your email and messenger (preferably AIM or MSN).
Timezone/Availability: Your timezone and when you are/are not online.
Roleplay experience: How long have you been roleplaying, have you played on LJ before, etc. Pretty much whatever you want to tell us.
Fandom: Which fandom is your character from? (Just put n/a for original characters)
Canon familiarity: What point in your fandom's canon are you familiar with? [ie- I've read all the Sookie Stackhouse novels vs. I've seen 2 episodes of True Blood or I've read up to book 4 of the Vampire Chronicles.] Don't worry, this will not factor into your acceptance.

♦ Character Info
Character Name: Your character's full name.
Species: Vampire, Human, Shifter, etc.
Age: Their true age from the year they were born as a mortal.
Rebirth: When they were turned. (Vamp applicable only, of course)
Affiliation: If they're a member of a clan, coven, etc.
Appearance: Physical appearance, style of dress, things of the sort. Please include the age they appear, as well.
Background: Your character's history up until game-start.
Personality: How they act, think, whatever.
Strengths: Better qualities and what they excel at.
Weaknesses: Faults and shortcomings.
Special abilities: If applicable.
Anything else? Anything else we should know.
Third-Person (Log) Sample: Sample tag should be at least 150 words, past tense. It should be in-character and should demonstrate as much of your character's voice as possible. Also, check your spelling and grammar. ♥
First-Person Sample: This sample should be the deciding factor on whether or not you understand your character's voice. You will be interacting with others like this much of the time, so it's very important. Though interaction is possible in first-person, *actions* should be downplayed, but if necessary, they should be in [brackets] or italicized. Journal format is acceptable since your character will be keeping one.

❧| Sample App (Original Character)

♦ Player Info
Name: Tora
Age: 23
Journal: torasetsuna
Email: tora.cleverness@gmail.com
AIM: tensaiyuushi
MSN: tora.dreams@hotmail.com
Yahoo: atashi_tora_desu
Timezone/Availability: -6CST
Roleplay experience: I've been RPing for about 5 or 6 years now, mostly on LJ.
Fandom: original
Canon Familiarity: n/a

♦ Character Info
Character Name: Rhea Marie Holden, aka "Angel"
Species: Human
Age: 23
Rebirth: n/a
Affiliation: n/a

Appearance: Angel has beautiful long, loose black curls that stop just past her shoulders and tend to frizz when it rains (which is why she wears a ponytail/messy bun most of the time). Her eyes are aquamarine, and she's got very fair skin that burns easily in the sun. She stands about 5' 9" and weighs about 140 lbs; medium build. Her most distinguishing feature is a pair of red wings tattooed on her back. She also has a Fleur de lis tattooed on the underside of her left wrist. Her personal style has that kind of "really beautiful woman in men's clothing" look, mostly because of her work and growing up with 4 older brothers. Dresses girly every once in a great while, but not too often. Sticks with blue jeans and t-shirts.

Background: Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina to a large Catholic family. Moved down to New Orleans after graduating high school and now attends Tulane on a scholarship for Engineering and Business. Grew up with a strict but loving father who works as a mechanic and taught her all the tricks of the trade.

Personality: Very laid back, hard working, inventive, brilliant, loyal, emotional and loving, intuitive and imaginative, shrewd and cautious, protective and sympathetic, but can be moody, overemotional and touchy at times, adaptable, fits most of her zodiac sign (Cancer) rather well.

Strengths: Hard working, adaptable, inventive, intuitive and imaginative. She plays the role of the reliable, protective, loving, and very loyal friend A LOT.

Weaknesses: Can be moody, overemotional, and touchy at times.

Special Abilities: Aside from being able to practically rebuild almost any car in a matter of days, this field is pretty n/a for her.

Anything else?: She goes by the nickname Angel. (for the wings on her back). Her birthday is July 7 (Cancer).

Third-Person (Log) Sample: It had only been about five years since Angel had moved down from her home in South Carolina and yet it still felt like she'd only just arrived as she was running across the yard to her next class. Luckily for her, she didn't have too much longer to go in her goal to graduating with a Bachelor's in Engineering and Business. She figured that once she had her degree she could either work for one of the major companies or perhaps even the city itself, or she'd just start up her own business and go from there. But all that would have to be saved for later, right now, Angel needed to hurry before her Calculus professor locked the door.

First-Person Sample: Shit. Another day, another fucking headache. I'd love to know what my boss thinks he's doing half the time because now, I have to fucking replace another starter to the same damn car this asshole brought in yesterday for FREE and during my break so the old geezer doesn't notice. I swear to God if I didn't love the old guy so much, I'd fucking quit.

❧| Application Form

Using the form below, you may either post your application as a screened reply to this post, or (if it's too long) email it to sanguinarias.rpg{at}gmail{dot}com ♥

Be sure you have read the RULES, FAQ, and GUIDELINES before submitting your application! That is all, and good luck! ♥

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